January 2003

Message from CWE East:

First of all I would like to address a rumor that has apparently been circulating throughout the "Temple of Nog Fan Club". As you all know the 1993 CWE production, "Incident At East Lake" has been going through a process of total restoration and digital re-mastering for the last year. As such, our team has experienced many hurdles along the way. One such hurdle (and the biggest I might add) is the now famous "Temple of Nog" scene. In our frustration with working on the restoration of this particular scene some feelings might have been expressed that did not reflect a positive attitude toward said scene. I assure all the fans of Nog that a quote that was recently released in an article in the "Temple of Nog" newsletter was not only unauthorized but also unsubstantiated. To my knowledge I or anyone else on the restoration team have never released any statement to the press.

Let me finish by saying that the restoration and re-mastering project has been a daunting task. Though there have been many considerations concerning the re-editing of the the entire movie (not just the Temple of Nog scene), we here at CWE East are committed to restoring this masterpiece to its original form and as the directors intended. Will that mean that some scenes will be cut? Perhaps. But we are confident that in the end everyone will agree that we did what was needed to be done.


  1. Finished restoration on the Janice Thompson Coroner scene. Here are some before and after results:


  2. Finished restoration on Huntz's Lab. Color correction as above and extensive frame replacement.

  3. Finished restoration on the "Body on the Beach" scene. Used Gamma correction and did the best we could with the overexposure problem.

November 2008

Digital re-mastering has begun with the entire Temple of Nog segment coming along for the ride. Along with the re-mastering, there is now new and previously unseen footage of the original and more.

December 2008

Editing is complete and the new DVD version is being authored.

January 2009

January 1st: Screening of the new re-mastered version of Incident at East Lake to an enthusiastic crowd.

Release and distribution of Incident at East Lake has begun. If you would like a copy please email: eastlake@cwefilms.com and we will send you a DVD.



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