Incident at East Lake - 1993

Washed up lounge singer Johnny Ray tries to make a comeback in a small New England lakeside community. Struggling with his inner demons he manages a singing gig at a few restaurants and bars in the area. It is here where he meets local scientist Manfred Huntz who sees more than singing potential in this fading star. Huntz offers Johnny a job in his lab collecting specimens for his "experiments". Over time Johnny finds himself totally immersed in Huntz's world of experimentation and deluded dreams of a better world for mankind. His promise of not only a better world for mankind but actually a better mankind for the world give Johnny new meaning to his life and he becomes a willing participant in the good doctor's human aquabiogenisis experiments.

Together will they succeeded in creating a new human, a better human, or just a hideous aquatic beast with an appetite for murder?


Giganticas - 1996

A drifter is picked up by a family of backwoods yokels who promise him that they are "only stopping a moment for a drink". When he is taken into their home he meets the rest of the demented family, a family with a very big secret.

Will he get to his final destination? Maybe, but perhaps his final destination is no longer a dead end job and a twenty dollar room in the next available town but something bigger, much bigger...


The Box - 1999

A young child finds an old music box in the woods. Upon showing it to her sister they find a note inside with the words, "Use the wand to open the gateway". Out of curiosity they pick up the wand and to their wonder and amazement discover that this is not an ordinary music box.




East Lake II - 1998 (Screenplay Only)

A group of scientists are trapped in a remote research station by an electrical entity from another dimension. Together they must struggle not only to defeat the beast they have created outside but also the beast they discover within themselves.


The Incredible Lactating Man - 2002

Electrical engineer Steve Perry unsatisfied with where his career and his life has taken him is about to have a life altering experience that will propel him toward two possible futures. Struggling to salvage what is left of his manhood, he stands at the crossroad of his own destiny. Will he choose a road that leads to inner strength and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead or will he hitch a ride with evil and travel the long dark road that leads to a place called ...murder.



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