Incredible Lactating Man

Electrical engineer Steve Perry unsatisfied with where his career and his life has taken him is about to have a life altering experience that will propel him toward two possible futures. Struggling to salvage what is left of his manhood, he stands at the crossroad of his own destiny. Will he choose a road that leads to inner strength and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead or will he hitch a ride with evil and travel the long dark road that leads to a place called ...murder.


Production notes:

July 2002: Shooting begins in Milwaukee WI


  • The accident at the power plant
  • Perry goes to a veterinarian for help
  • He returns to the doctor unsatified with his treatments

November 2002: shooting resumes in Milwaukee WI


  • Doctor tries new contraption to help with Steve's problem
  • Steve pleads with his wife not to leave him

January 2003 -

  • In production


Shot with two Sony TRV-103 Digital 8 cameras and edited with Adobe Premiere 6.5

All post production work done at CWE studios New Gloucester, ME.



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